Wind Mitigation

Windstorm inspections look for construction features that have been shown to reduce losses...


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Roof Certification

A thorough roof inspection is carried out to assess the rooftop's current condition...


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4 Point and Wind Mitigation

Community Home Inspections will combine services to add some time back into your lives...


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Many insurance companies now require 4 Point Home Inspections before issuing insurance policies on homes 25 years old and older. The need for this inspection will be based on your home, where you live, and the insurance company.
The 4 Point Home Inspection covers the four areas of concern and of the highest liability for the insurance company: the roof, the HVAC systems (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning), the electrical systems, and the plumbing system. If these systems were not properly installed when the property was first built, or have come to need expensive repairs, the inspection will indicate what steps need to be taken to reduce the potential hazards in the home. For instance, electrical systems not properly installed may result in a fire due to the higher amounts of electricity now run by modern appliances.

During the 4 POINT Inspection, Community Home Inspections will look at:
1. Roof
3. Electrical
4. Plumbing